About ISF

The Imaging Science Foundation is in the Display Standards industry, and since 1994 has been dedicated to improving the quality of electronic imaging.

The ISF has four basic roles in this industry:

1. Consulting with manufacturers regarding product development:

The ISF conducts private seminars and is retained for product evaluations under NDA.

Our clients include: AMD, the BBC, Barco, BenQ, Bose, CEA, CEDIA, CNN, Dolby, DVDO, DNP, Epson, Harman, Hitachi, HP, InFocus, Integra, Intel, LG, JVC, Linn, Lissau A/S, Microsoft, Minolta, Mitsubishi, Monster Cable, NEC, NVIDIA, Optoma, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pixelworks, Runco, Screen Excellence, Screen Research, Sencore, SIM2, SpectraCal, Stewart Filmscreen, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Yamaha, X-rite and numerous others

2. Certification training:

We conduct approximately 20 US based and International private and public seminars per year. We strive to help ISF attendees understand the parameters of calibration, digital imaging and display standards. Training includes hands-on experience in video calibration. The ISF expects our attendees to stress superior service, client retention, superb pictures and superior service in their respective marketplaces.

ISF dealers are required to pass tests and invest in professional test equipment

3. Media communications:

The ISF has worked with the majority of professional A/V editorial press. We are available for fact checking and also arrange for test equipment availability for qualified reviewers.

We are now very happy to report that professional calibration reporting is now part of many print and online product reviews.

4. ISF licensing:

We endorse products that contribute to systems with "High Fidelity Video" through formal licensing programs.

We have two licensing programs. One is based on compliance with standards for video performance.

The other, ISFccc, is for HDTV products that are “Engineered for Calibration” those products can be calibrated for their specific brand's optimal performance for both Day and Night modes and will feature locking memories to insure that client's investments in ISF calibrations are secure.