Joel SilverPresident and FounderJoel Silver is the President and founder of the Imaging Science Foundation, Inc., which was incorporated in 1994 to introduce video image quality calibration services into consumer electronics.

He volunteers as the chair of the CEA and CEDIA committee on Home Theater Video recommended practices.

He also is the producer of the HDTV Calibration Wizard DVD.

His work on advancing HDTV image quality was covered in the NY Times, the LA Times, Popular Mechanics, Wired and numerous A/V publications here and abroad.

He has run research projects for the California Energy Commission documenting how video calibration produces significant energy savings.

He has been involved in and consulted for high-end video, high-end audio, telemedicine, medical management, Microsoft Media Center Edition PCs and the Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship program at the W. Averill Harriman School of Management.

In the A/V industry, he has presented at CES, American Association of Medical Instrumentation, Barco BE, CEDIA Australia, EHExpo, INFOCOMM, ISE Brussels, ISE Singapore, NESDA, NSCA, Microsoft’s WINHEC, received both top five and top ten CEDIA instructor awards, and is a CE PRO top-ten-for-ten-years most influential industry leader.

He has written articles for Audio Video Interiors, Forbes, Home Entertainment, Millionaire Magazine, Popular Science, Stereophile, Telemedicine Today Ultimate A/V, Video, Widescreen Review ands numerous other publications.

He consults for AMD, the BBC, Barco, BenQ, Bose, CNN, Datacolor, Dolby, DVDO, DNP, Epson, Harman, Hitachi, InFocus, Integra, Intel, LG, JVC, Linn, Lissau A/S, Microsoft, Minolta, Mitsubishi, Monster Cable, NEC, NVIDIA, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pixelworks, Runco, Screen Research, Sencore, Stewart Filmscreen, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Yamaha, Xrite and numerous other clients.

Joel Silver is a co-inventor of the patented Microsoft Media Center Calibration Wizard which is now in over 111,000,000 PCs.



Kevin MillerISF Technical ConsultantKevin Miller got his start in the Audio/Video industry in the late 80's as the Managing Editor and later the Publisher of The Perfect Vision magazine. He was responsible for hiring Joe Kane as the Technical Director of the magazine, which quickly put TPV on the map as the technical authority in video in the publishing industry.

From 1994 to 1997 he was a partner in Total Media Systems, a home theater custom installation business in New York. Kevin was the Marketing Director for Runco International from May of 1997 to April of 1999, which afforded him a good deal of front projection setup training and experience. His last full-time position was as the Editorial Director for Video at the now defunct consumer electronics Internet giant,

As a charter member of the Imaging Science Foundation, Kevin has a keen interest in delivering the best video images possible in a home theater environment, and having been through the first ever ISF training course in February of 1994 he has more experience calibrating TVs than anyone else in the country.



Bob FucciDirector of ISF Calibrator Testing & CertificationBob reviews all the English language written tests and runs the oral reviews for most of our instructors.

His tutoring skills have brought literally hundreds of successful professionals into our industry.

Bob worked with Sound Advice, FL for over 9 years, and was their Director of Training.

He knows retail. He was a partner in "Better Sound", a high end custom installation company in Boca Raton, FL where he began his relationship with ISF. Joel Silver was at that time their in-house ISF calibrator.

Bob has assisted at many ISF sessions since 1998.

He is an active calibrator and supports multiple retailers and custom installation companies in South Florida.

When you want to master the skills of talking about complex ideas with your customers in a concise, clear, effective and easy to understand way, call Bob Fucci



Josh KairoffJosh worked closely with ISF during the development of the 1st ISFccc certified HDTV, the Pioneer Elite plasma. His work at Pioneer helped establish the Elite as one of the recognized references for HDTV image quality in its day.

Josh was the Director of Display Engineering for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. In this role, he oversaw the engineering and development of Pioneer consumer and professional plasma display products.

At Pioneer, Josh was instrumental in the development of key technologies utilized in the company consumer plasma television line, including Advanced PureCinema and ISFccc.

Josh was involved with all areas of product planning including, the design of control and utility software, development of technical information resources as well as the engineering of new products and applications.

Josh began his career with Pioneer more than 14 years ago when he supported the company cube video wall display efforts. With more than 25 years of experience in the information and entertainment display industry, he has held various titles with audio/video design and production companies, and previously assisted professional display businesses with the development of digital signage and video wall displays.

He owns an engineering patent for his Expansion Solutions Card Slot Interface.

He is actively involved with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the Society for Information Display Science and the National Television Academy Arts and Sciences Technology and Engineering Committee. Kairoff is an ICIA Certified Technology Specialist and a Certified ISF Instructor. He also serves on the CEA/CEDIA committee for Home Theater Video Design working group led by Joel Silver.

Josh is available as an ISFccc certification engineer.

Josh graduated from Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington with a Bachelors Degree in Video Production and Audio Engineering.



Jeff MurrayISF Instructor and President of AVProAlliance

Jeff Murray has helped us run ISF trainings worldwide for over ten years. He ran the home theater division at Sencore for a decade plus and now heads AVProAlliance.

Jeff will be demonstrating ISF calibrations in over 30 US cities in 2013, and will be with us in Asia and Europe as well. Jeff is available for private ISF trainings worldwide.



Par HornellFacinated by film and music from childhood, starting off in the era of B/W CRTs where constant tweaking was of necessity due to the imperfection of sources and signal, a desire awoke to acheive something better. This desire has never left Pars mind, and he has always closley followed the evolvement of theory and practise in A/V systems through his profesional carrier. Par was one of the founders of the Swedish A/V forum "" in 2003, as well as well known reviewer of A/V products for major magazines in Scandinavia.

After a professional carrier with approximately 20 years in design and optimisation of advanced telecom systems all over the world, the urge to work full time with A/V become to strong and Par setup the custom install company Tiwia AB, now working full time with consultancy, calibration, custom install and training.

Par has a keen interest of going to the source, thus always keept close to the postproduction industry - now working closly with most postproduction companies and major broadcasters in Scandinavia, helping them to bring beautiful pictures to viewers all around the globe.



Hartmut BerberichISF Instructor and project manager for Home & Marine

Over the last several years Hartmut has collaborated very closely with ISF, ensuring highly successful training programs from Amsterdam to Beijing. His reputation for insisting only on the highest quality images extends even further; to Eastern Europe as far as Moscow and even Southeast Asia.

Hartmut's calibration career began with the first practical CRT projectors and like many, his first source was a laser disc. His recent work history includes a number of years as the technical field engineer for a well know European high-end projector manufacturer where he was also involved in product development.

In addition to his ISF work, Hartmut also works as a designer and project manager at Home & Marine Electronic Systems of Bremen, Germany bringing to life sophisticated home cinemas and A/V integration projects in ultra high-end residences and the world's most sophisticated super yachts.



Roland SeibtTechnical consultant ISF EuropeRoland is vice editor in chief and technical supervisor at the best known and biggest German AV magazine, Video. In the last twenty years he reviewed, tested and calibrated hundreds of TV sets and volumes of projectors. He says that perfect picture quality will always be the consumers number one wish, so the capabilities of calibration are essential, and ISF is doing an important job to enhance them.

To make the evaluation of TV sets and projectors more critical, Roland has developed test patterns and test sequences for more than a decade. Starting with Video CDs and DVDs, he now works with 3D Blu-rays and 4K Stuff, of course with the correct and improved patterns for ISF calibration.

In the labs of Video magazine, he also conducts measurements for major TV manufacturer´s development departments, giving advice for better quality performance.

Born in 1965, Roland got excited about the AV business very early. By the age of 12, he started building loudspeakers. In the early 80s, he put together a portable Docking station for his Sony Walkman (with 10W 2-way Hifi speakers, IC hybrid amplifier, charge control, built-in power supply, 24Ah accu and car connection). After studying computer science, he developed firmware and drivers for Amiga computers, before switching back to entertainment by writing for Germany´s AV magazines HiFi-Test and HEIMKINO. He was editor in chief for Home Cinema Test and DVD-Welt before moving to the Munich area in Bavaria seven years ago where he now works for Video magazine.



Piers ClerkHome Cinema Engineering specialises in audio and video calibration work throughout the UK. Managing Director Piers Clerk was part of the very first combined ISF and HAA European training courses back in 2004 and he has been calibrating home cinema systems ever since.

Piers is now one of the most experienced calibrators in the UK, is ISF & HAA Level II certified and one of only a handful of people in the world who is certified as an ISF Instructor.

Piers has extensive experience with specialised video processors and has a Lumagen Radiance processor in his own home cinema.

A number of global manufacturers use Piers to train their staff in calibration techniques and he is also available to consult as required.

Piers has the experience and the equipment to calibrate any display technology (both 2D and 3D) including plasma and LCD (CCFL and LED backlit) flat panel displays, and DLP, LCD and D-ILA projectors.

His extensive customer base covers not only domestic installations but corporate applications such as optimising video walls and specialist requirements of the post production and broadcast communities.



Michael HamiltonWhen an aspiring professional hockey career was tragically cut short by a debilitating lack of talent, the strong - nay -emphatic suggestion to preserve the sanctity of the game by never again placing a competitive skate on the ice prompted Michael to pursue the officiating side of the sport. To that endeavor, when not engaged in the endless pursuit of Video perfection Michael can be found in the NHL Replay Suite in Glendale, AZ which is home for the National Hockey League Phoenix Coyotes.

After a long career in musical instruction and performing professionally, Michael brought that experience to the then exploding field of high fidelity audio. When The Perfect Vision debuted, the fascination with how Video actually worked instantly became an unquenchable obsession.

Attending the third ever ISF seminar in Lansing, Mi in early 1995 ignited a passion which is now as fervent as ever.

Assisting with ISF seminars since 1996, hanging on to every syllable (and frankly exchanging this help as a means of keeping Joel from executing a restraining order...) Michael attained Instructor status in 2005.

Michael is an active calibrator in the Desert Southwest supporting consumers, A/V integration firms and television stations in Phoenix and Albuquerque.



Sawan NichaniISF India trainer and Founder of MACBEE

Sawan is the founder of MACBEE, a Custom Integration company based in New Delhi India. He is an ISF Level II Certified video Calibrator and the first ISF Instructor in India.

He is also a CEDIA EMEA Instructor, an HAA Level II audio calibrator and an HAA Instructor.

MACBEE engineers and calibrates high-end homes and cinemas across India. Sawan envisioned a space where people would experience firsthand great video performance coupled with superb acoustics in a state of the art entertainment experience.

After a decade in the recording & music industry, he set up his own business venture to change the entertainment experience in India. MACBEE was founded in 2011 and already has over 30 satisfied clients. Sawan recently won the coveted CEDIA EMEA Award for Best Home Cinema over £100K.



Jason DustalAfter taking apart the family VCR at age 6, Jason's family realized that he was a very curious kid. It was apparent that he had an obsession with how things worked. It didn't hurt that 2 of his biggest influences growing up were his great grandfather, a radio/TV engineer, and his other grandfather, a technology junkie.

After learning how to solder around age 8, Jason's life has been driven by electronics and how they worked. He was always fixing things for various family members and by his teen years he was the go to guy for everything electronic.

By the time he was old enough to work, Jason starting working for Best Buy. This is the first time that he had exposure to many different manufacturers and A/V systems. This is where his obsession started to take shape.

In college, Jason got a job with Sound Advice. This was the first time he had been exposed to high end A/V and custom installation. Here is where he first heard about the ISF. After realizing that TVs could be made to look much better, Jason started making adjustments to his own and his friend's TVs with various calibration DVDs.

Sound Advice failed and closed the entire chain, so Jason went back to Best Buy as a Home Theater installer. His success there led to his becoming a professional ISF calibrator. He earned his ISF Level 1 certification in 2008, and a Level II certification in 2010.

Jason remained very active in the calibrator community and assisted Joel in multiple training sessions. By 2012 after calibrating thousands of displays, Jason was brought to Best Buy Corporate Headquarters in Minneapolis and promoted to a National trainer for Home Theater installations and ISF Calibrations.

Following in the footsteps of many of the top ISF instructors, he is now an independent ISF calibrator and trainer.

Jason teaches ISF certification for Best Buy, Geek Squad US, Canada and Mexico, plus the Magnolia Design Centers. Jason is available to work with local dealers, and is still accepting new clients.

Jason's hobbies include music, TV/film, photography, cars, and of course electronics.